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You Need To Be Deep To Understand My Music —Lyrical Joe

Lyrical Joe may not be a well-known performer, but those who enjoy rap music consider him to be one of Ghana’s best rappers. It is therefore no surprise that every time he drops a new song, he receives excellent reviews from listeners all over the world. Lyrical Joe claims he is receiving all the accolades because he is well-read and continually educates himself in order to rise to the top. His songs’ profundity and the way he weaves words together lyrically have been greatly praised.

Lyrical Joe claimed he does more than simply rap in a conversation with Graphic Showbiz.

In fact, you have to have a lot of depth to comprehend my music.

In one of my songs, I claimed that YouTube commentators had ceased responding to my songs because they couldn’t understand the lyrics. A great deal of analysis, study, etc.

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If you listen to my music, you’ll see that I dislike using the same words in several songs at once.

My vocabulary is extensive, and I have a clear vision for where rap music will go.

At the 2021 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA), Lyrical Joe won Best Rapper of the Year. This year, he will defend his honor.

Lyrical Joe, whose real name is Joseph Gamor, explained the lyrical content of his music, stating that as a school dropout, his best course of action was to be well-read to master his craft.

I resolved to be well-informed to master my skill because I dropped out of school, and I’m glad to announce that my efforts have not been in vain. Every time I release a song, there are a ton of inquiries about how I come up with the lyrics, and it all comes from diligence and expertise, he explained.

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