Update: You can still do your national service after studying abroad – NSS

According to the National Service Secretariat (NSS) in Ghana, students who complete their first degree in Ghana and then gain admission to foreign universities for their master’s degree are still required to fulfill their national service obligations upon their return to Ghana.

The countries mentioned where students often pursue their master’s degree are the United Kingdom, Russia, USA, Cuba, and China.

The Corporate Affairs Director of the NSS, Mr. Ambrose Entsiwah Jnr, explained that students who are admitted to study abroad after completing their first degree in Ghana can defer their national service until they complete their studies and return home.

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To defer their service, students need to write to the NSS board through the secretariat to request this opportunity.

Mr. Entiwah Jnr stated that the national service can be carried out after years of studying abroad.

This means that students are expected to complete their master’s program and then fulfill their national service requirement upon their return to Ghana.

In a separate matter, Mr. Entiwah Jnr also mentioned that a total of 12,295 nurses have been posted starting from June 10, 2023.

He advised the deployed nurses to follow a validation and registration process, which involves logging onto the NSS website at www.nss.gov.gh to check for their placement, printing their appointment letters, and proceeding to their assigned place of posting for the endorsement of their appointment letters.

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