Woman impregnated in police custody

Woman impregnated in police custody

The long-standing puzzle of how a 24-year-old woman imprisoned at the Keta Police Station became pregnant while appearing in court on a murder charge has finally been solved.

Contrary to rising public belief, Godsway Ablordey was not impregnated by any of the police personnel on duty.

She had already been charged with murder before the Anloga District Magistrate Court.

Ablordey was taken into custody at the Keta Police Station because the Anloga Police Station did not have a female cell.

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Because of a serious security lapse at the police station, Ablordey and another murder suspect (name withheld) in the male cell there actually engaged in frequent sex acts.

The four-month-pregnant suspect has now been sent to another Ho detention prison.

She insisted that no police officer had ever contacted her for sex when she was being held at the Keta Police Station when a reporter paid a visit to her at the center last Tuesday.

She claimed that despite an enclosed passage separating the male and female cells, she was occasionally permitted to enter the corridor for fresh air.

She claimed it allowed her to speak with the suspect in his cell while remaining safe.

He frequently comforted me and made arrangements for food to be brought to my cell, which resulted in a close bond between us.

We realized we could have sex through the bars because the door to his cell was just constructed of thin, spaced-apart bars, Ablordey said.

She claimed that she frequently waited for nightfall in the hallway before bending with her back to the bars and having sex with the man.

Though there were other guys in the jail, Ablordey claimed that her man was quite domineering and frequently commanded them to move to one side of the cell to give them some solitude before having sex through the bars.

Ablordey’s admission of the sexual encounters while she was being held by the police exposed the security breach at the station and put an end to the contentious public debates about how she became pregnant while being held as well as the baseless allegations made against police officers there.

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