Wode Maya F!ghts Officers At Togo Border

Popular Ghanaian YouTuber Wode Maya has described how he got into a battle with three border patrol officers after he refused to give them the bribe they were demanding.

Wode Maya reported in a post on his social media accounts that these police demanded a bribe of CFA 2000 before they would stamp his passport to allow him entry into the French-speaking nation.

He claimed that he thought this was silly and illegal, so he made the decision not to pay, which the officers were also not going to accept.

Wode Maya said, “These officers wanted to take my camera merely because I wouldn’t pay the money they demanded, and it resulted in a scuffle between myself and the officers because I wasn’t going to let them take my camera.”

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This is me fighting to save my camera at the Togolese border because I refused to pay a bribe of CFA 2000 in order for my passport to stamped😎

Some reactions to the video he shared reveal that this is not the first time these officers have done this.

A lot of tweeps have taken to the comment section of the video to reveal how they paid some of these brides just to make their way to Togo

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