With matured bonds, the government offers further coupons.

Bondholders who declined to participate in the domestic debt exchange program and exchange their old bonds for new ones received payments from the government.

This is the second payment made to bondholders following the government’s announcement of a payment schedule and deadline for honoring bond coupon payments.

The government started paying overdue coupons to bondholders who chose not to take part in the Domestic Debt Exchange program on March 15 as a result of intense pressure from the Coalition of Independent Bondholders.

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Additional coupon payments were made on March 23, 2023, according to a statement from the Ministry of Finance on March 24.

“The payments cover coupons on both the 2-year note that matured on 20th February. 2023, and the 20-year note due on 20 February 2023. Payments for the 2-year note’s principal due on February 20, 2023, as well as payments for notes with upcoming maturities, will be announced as they become due.

The Ministry of Finance would like to express its appreciation to all parties for their understanding and cooperation as the government works to restore macroeconomic stability.

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