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Why more Ghanaian youth are using the visa lottery

Although Ghana has already experienced hardships, it now seems as though things have gotten worse as the economy continues to deteriorate and the cedi’s value continues to decline. At the moment, rises in the costs of food, housing, power, gasoline, and three other categories have brought the inflation rate for October 2022 to 40.4%.

As a result, it is anticipated that the cost of borrowing would increase further as the Bank of Ghana must decide by November 25, 2022, on its policy rate, or the rate at which it loans to commercial banks. Many Ghanaians are searching for a way out of the current economic crisis as a result of these changes.

Some people now find it more enticing to consider leaving the country in pursuit of greener pastures. They have chosen the American Visa Lottery as a result. Tracy Asamoah and Lois Tay from JoyNews spoke with people about their interest in the visa lottery when they were at registration centers in Accra.

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“I typically do it because I want to travel to the United States. There is difficulty and things are not moving as well as they once did, she remarked.

Another person who spoke to JoyNews said: “We have lived a portion of our lives in Ghana and wish to continue living the remainder of them overseas in the hopes that things will improve. “The nation is difficult. Therefore, when an opportunity arises, it must be seized with both hands in order to prevent it from passing by; this is why I’m trying, a woman said.

One of the lottery participants who was interviewed said that this year’s registration for the visa lottery was much higher than in years before. About 1,561 persons have registered throughout the previous four weeks that we have been here, he claimed.

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