We will not kowtow to your knee-jerk response – Residents of Mensah Sarbah, C’wealth Halls to UG Management

The University of Ghana’s (UG) Mensah Sarbah and Commonwealth Halls residents are at odds with the school’s administration over the decision to revoke their identity as residents.

According to a recent University Council decree, all enrolled students in the two halls will no longer be considered residents beginning with the 2023–2024 academic year on January 14th.

The choice is intended to stop the ongoing, violent altercations between students in the two halls.

However, the choice made by Management has angered the tenants of the halls.

At a news conference on Tuesday, Raymond Botwe, a spokesperson for the group of students opposed to the decision, called Management’s attempt to stop violent altercations a “knee-jerk attitude.”

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“But we assert to the University of Ghana Management today that we won’t back down and won’t accept such a hasty, reactionary response!

UG Students are prohibited from having a news conference on campus by management and security.

He declared, “We would like to send a clear message to University Management that we will fight for our rights with all the resources at our disposal, and that we would not stand by and let our future and that of other future generations be compromised because you as Management failed.

According to the students, Management appears to be using this decision as a cover to address its accommodation issues.

They charged that the administration of the school had failed to offer adequate protection to guard against the outbreak of rioting there.

“This has led us to think that the University Management was up to something big.

They sought an easy way out because they were frustrated by their incompetence, Raymond Botwe continued.

“This present move by Management, as we know, is wicked and not only restricted to breaking the alumni allegiance and affiliation of students to these halls following completion of their studies, but to weaken the alumni allegiance and affiliation of the student front,” he said.

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