Vodafone Ghana clear air on recruitment

Vodafone Ghana clear air on recruitment

The public, according to Vodafone Ghana, should not believe rumors that the company is hiring new employees for a variety of professions.

The company stated in a news release on Tuesday that potential applicants are encouraged to apply immediately because “all approved openings are published on our career portal. For any of our hiring needs, we never turn to third parties.

Vodafone Ghana claims that “fraudulent Vodafone Ghana recruitment activities via social media and other online activity” have caught its attention.

This involves the dissemination of a phony invitation to an interview sent out by the CEO of Vodafone Ghana.

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For the avoidance of doubt, the statement said, “We once again emphasize that ALL genuine positions at Vodafone are published on our recruitment portal and that there is NO requirement to submit an application through a third-party vendor for ANY roles at Vodafone.

Furthermore, Vodafone will never demand payment from potential candidates as part of the hiring process.

Vodafone Ghana advised all potential candidates to use its career portal just for their job search and to be careful of attempts like the one by “The Nation” and other phony online recruitment invitations.

Vodafone Ghana urged anybody contacted to “report all such fraudulent operations to the Cyber Crime Unit of the Ghana Police Service for their cooperation.” It stated that anyone contacted for a position at the company who suspected fraud should contact them immediately via.

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