Vive l’Afrique: Celebrating African Style at Accra Fashion Week 2023

Vive l’Afrique: Celebrating African Style at Accra Fashion Week 2023

Accra Fashion Week is returning for its 10th edition from December 13th to December 17th, 2023, under the theme “Vive l’Afrique.” This year, they’re breaking tradition by holding daytime runway shows on December 16th and 17th, showcasing the dynamic world of African fashion.

Accra Fashion Week goes beyond fashion; it serves as a platform for creativity, networking, and collaboration. Leading up to the main shows, the event will host various sub-events to facilitate connections and idea exchange among designers, industry professionals, and creative talents, offering exciting career opportunities.

One unique addition is the “Protest Fashion” mini-show, aiming to challenge traditional fashion norms and inspire innovation.

The event will feature a diverse lineup of designers from over ten countries, showcasing ready-to-wear and couture brands. Notable designers include Style By Magbrien, Tabou, Hemade, and many more.

Accra Fashion Week represents the ever-evolving African fashion scene, highlighting progress and innovation. With its new daytime format, networking opportunities, and stunning designs, this event is set to emphasize Africa’s remarkable achievements in the fashion world. Save the date and join the celebration of African fashion at Accra Fashion Week 2023.

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