VALCO workers protest on low wages working conditions

The Volta Aluminium Company’s (VALCO) employees have protested against the ongoing pay cuts brought on by the Ghana cedi’s falling value.

According to the organisation, there have been no increases to the monthly wage of more over US$300 that is currently paid in cedi equivalent since last year.

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The group claims that over 28 retirees have been working at the company continuously, necessitating their release by management.

Edgar Tetteh, the local leader of the VALCO workers union, discussed their issues.

We are incensed because we do not want the retirees to be here. We are not receiving our rightful salary as a result of them overstretching our financial resources.

In the entire world, no smelter is paid less than US$1000, but here, we only receive the equivalent of US$300 Cedi. The workers who are not in management are suffering.

Numerous worker unions have been compelled to call for better working conditions by the current cost of living crises.

In the midst of these economic troubles, manufacturers are implementing strategies to reduce operations.


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