Check List: Used Electrical Appliance Banned From Importation And Sale In Ghana.

The attention of the Energy Commission has been drawn to pieces of information put out by a group calling itself Concerned Importers of Used Appliances, ostensibly to register their protest to the intended ban on the importation of used electrical appliances.

At the said press conference, the group made certain inaccurate statements and claims about the Energy Commission with specific reference to the intended ban on the importation of used household electrical appliances. By this release, we intend to correct the erroneous impressions created:


  1. The group claimed that they had an inconclusive meeting with the Energy Commission. This claim is incorrect. The Commission had a very productive and conclusive meeting with the National Executives of GUTA, of which they are members, on October 6, 2021. At the said meeting, the rationale of the ban and the effect of the used appliances on the national economy, consumers, the environment and the appliance market as a

whole was explained to them.

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  1. The group again said that the Energy Commission’s claim that the trade in used appliances would turn Ghana into a dumping ground is false. The use of the terminology DUMPING has been misconstrued or misunderstood by the group and we would take this opportunity to explain the term. Dumping is defined as the practice of exporting to another country or territory products that:
    1. contain hazardous substances;
    2. have environmental performance lower than is in the interest of consumers or that is contrary to the interests of the local and global commons;
    3. can undermine the ability of the importing country to fulfil international environmental treaty commitments; or
    4. are often too inefficient to sell in the appliances markets of the countries of manufacture or their export inflicts economic, social, and environmental costs on vulnerable populations in the receiving countries.

These inefficient appliances could be new or old and place a heightened demand on energy supply, increase power plant emissions and harm public health, agriculture and local ecosystems. Money spent on misused electricity impoverishes communities and unbalances trade. From the above, it is clear that DUMPING is not restricted to used appliances only. To assist consumers to identify and desist from patronizing inferior, used and inefficient electrical appliances, Ghana introduced and began enforcement of Minimum Energy Performance Standards and Labels for electrical appliances in 2005. In particular, individual households have made huge savings since the enforcement of these standards.

Check List: Used Electrical Appliance Banned From Importation And Sale In Ghana.

1. Air conditioner
2. Comfort fan
3. Computer
4. Distribution transformer
5. Electric kettle
6. Electric motor
7. Incandescent lamp
8. Industrial fan
9. Inverter
10. Metal Halide Lamp
11. Microwave oven
12. Monitor
13. Refrigerating Appliance
14. Rice cooker
15. Set-top box
16. Solar panel
17. Television set
18. Ventilating fan
19. Washing machine
20. Water heater

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