Urgent Intervention Needed: UEW Students Struggle to Reach Campus During Rainy Season

The University of Education, Winneba, is facing a pressing issue as students encounter significant challenges when attempting to reach the campus during the rainy season.

The flooded and rough road conditions make it extremely difficult for students to attend classes, highlighting the need for immediate attention and intervention from the university administration and the Student Representative Council (SRC).

Flood in uew
University students on their way to campus

Addressing these road conditions is crucial to ensuring unhindered access to education and maintaining a conducive learning environment for all students.

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During the rainy season, the road leading to the University of Education, Winneba campus becomes a formidable obstacle for students.


Heavy rainfall transforms the road into a flooded and rough terrain, posing risks to students’ safety and hindering their ability to reach the campus.

The challenging conditions force students to navigate through ankle-deep water, braving the elements and enduring the damaging effects on their footwear.

Muddy path

The difficulties faced by students in reaching the campus during the rainy season have a profound impact on their academic pursuits.

Many students find it impossible to attend lectures, tutorials, and other educational activities, leading to a decline in attendance rates.

This not only hampers individual academic progress but also disrupts the overall learning environment at the university.

Immediate intervention is necessary to address these challenges and prevent further academic setbacks.

To alleviate the struggles faced by students, collaboration between the University of Education, Winneba administration, the SRC, and relevant stakeholders is essential.

By working together, they can implement sustainable solutions to improve road conditions and ensure students’ unimpeded access to the campus.

The university administration and the SRC must take a proactive stance to prioritize this issue and explore viable remedies.

Several potential remedies can be considered to address the challenges faced by students during the rainy season:

Infrastructure Improvement:

The university administration should allocate resources to improve the drainage system and road infrastructure leading to the campus, minimizing flooding and rough conditions.

Regular Maintenance:

Implementing a comprehensive maintenance plan to regularly repair and maintain the road, ensuring its durability and usability during adverse weather conditions.

Communication and Alerts:

Establishing effective communication channels to promptly inform students about road conditions, enabling them to plan their journeys accordingly.

Transportation Support:

Exploring the possibility of providing alternative transportation options, such as shuttle services or designated pick-up points, during the rainy season to assist students in reaching the campus safely.

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