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University Won’t Give Me Money To Survive In Life – Yaw Tog

Yaw Tog, a well-known Ghanaian rapper, Thorsten Owusu Gyimah, has made the decision to prioritize his career over his education, temporarily putting his academic pursuits on hold. During an interview on Hello FM, a radio station based in Kumasi, he expressed his current focus on music and emphasized the financial challenges he faces in sustaining himself in life.

Yaw Tog firmly believes that pursuing university education at this time would not provide him with the financial means necessary to support himself adequately. Instead, he has devised a plan wherein he intends to establish a successful music career and accumulate the resources required to support his education before enrolling in university.

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One of his major concerns lies in the financial aspect of attending university. Yaw Tog recognizes that higher education entails significant expenses, including tuition fees, living costs, and other related expenditures. Given his current circumstances, he questions the feasibility of immediately entering university and highlights the absence of a reliable source of funding to cover his educational fees.

His statements reflect a pragmatic approach to managing his career and financial stability. Yaw Tog acknowledges the importance of financial preparedness before undertaking the financial commitments associated with university education. By considering who would be responsible for paying his tuition fees if he were to enroll now, he showcases a thoughtful consideration of the financial implications and potential challenges he may face.

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