University student impregnates a lecturer

Kevin, a bachelor’s in computer science student at the Federal University of Lafia (Fulafia), was expelled after having a sexual relationship with a lecturer and getting her pregnant.

Before imposing such a harsh punishment on the student, the university disciplinary board is claimed to have learned the heartbreaking news that the student had become pregnant by his lecturer.

Kevin’s actions, which have since made the university a target for immoral and promiscuous behavior, have not only diminished the university’s stature but also the lecturers’ moral character.

Many people have spoken out against the professors’ lack of self-respect and the rules that govern how they engage with students.

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Sadly, the student who was called by the board to receive his notice of expulsion claimed that it was not totally his fault. Kevin explained that the lecturer made the first moves in the relationship and eventually pleaded with him to have a sexual relationship with her and perhaps even cause her to become pregnant.

He acknowledged that the instructor had occasionally persuaded him to break her cookie jar without the use of numbers thanks to her enticing movements and really appetizing physique.

He claimed that, in addition to his desire to bathe in the alluring waters and quench his appetite, he was unable to refuse the lecturer’s offer, which was accompanied by severe consequences.

Kevin admitted that the instructor had given him ultimatums, warning that refusing to drink from her river of life would only harm his ability to continue attending the institution. The young man admitted that he had no choice but to start working after being forced to do so.

It is still unclear how the odd news made its way through the university and reached the board. The student says that on that fateful morning, he had received an urgent call telling him that he had to appear before the board at noon that same day.

He was prepared, eager to learn what lay in store for him despite his overwhelming sense of panic. At that point, he regrettably discovered that his relationship with the lecturer had not only led to him becoming pregnant with her, but also to legal issues.

Kevin admitted to sleeping with the lecturer numerous times, including in her office in the administrative building.

The student had sobbed uncontrollably, pleading for mercy and a pardon, but the university Senate had already made its choice.

Kevin has since experienced the shock of his life and is still pleading with the university’s senior administrators to intervene so that his expulsion will be revoked and he will receive a lesser punishment.

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