UG wants the Commonwealth Hall case’s “Old Vandal” Judge to be dismissed.

The main lawsuit between the university and some Commonwealth Hall students is currently being heard by a judge who has been called into question by the University of Ghana (UG).

The University asserts that Justice Francis Obiri is likely to be biased against the university because of his affiliation with Commonwealth Hall.

The University’s demands were included in a Motion of Certiorari that was submitted on March 31, 2023 by Kwabena Adu-Kusi, an attorney for the University of Ghana.

“The learned trial judge’s contact with Vandals of Commonwealth Hall of the University of Ghana and his conduct of the case so far shows bias or a substantial likelihood of bias,” he said, explaining how this is supported by the judge’s association with Vandals.

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Judge Obiri “was officially affiliated to Akuafo Hall as a residence during his undergraduate studies,” the suit states. Despite this, he lived at Commonwealth Hall the entire time he was an undergraduate and actively participated in vandalism and its ideals.

This follows the Accra High Court’s interlocutory injunction against the University of Ghana’s residential policy decision (UG).

This came about after a few irate Commonwealth Hall of UG students on Friday, January 6, 2023, sued the institution for telling resident students to look for housing outside campus.

Professor Gordon Awandare, the pro vice chancellor of the University of Ghana, supported the affidavit by stating that although the judge “was officially attached to Akuafo Hall, he was at all relevant times during his studentship in the University of Ghana, resident at Commonwealth and by definition a Vandal.”

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