UEW OSIS Portal: 8 Days Left To End Online Course Registration | Follow Steps to register

The University of Education, Winneba accesses student test results and registration information using a website called UEW OSIS SIP.

Due to certain challenges with the most recent site and the ITS, students are advised to register for their courses this semester using the OSIS. For a smooth and successful registration, they must therefore carefully adhere to the following instructions.

NB: Paying the registration cost, login into SIP, adding courses, verifying the registration, printing registration slips, and providing other necessary information are the activities involved in enrolling.

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The applicant numbers listed on your acceptance letters are 9-digit applicant numbers, not the 10-digit index numbers that will be assigned to all newly admitted students. Any student who transferred from a diploma or post-graduate degree and had an outdated ITS student number falls under this category. The new index numbers will be formatted as follows:

  • 323XXXXXXX for diploma programs 
  • 523XXXXXXX for degree programs
  • 623XXXXXXX for post-graduate diploma programs 
  • 723XXXXXXX for M.A., M.Ed, MBA, or M.Sc. programs 
  • 823XXXXXXX for Master of Philosophy programs and 
  • 923XXXXXXX for Doctor of Philosophy degree programs 

Your index number won’t be generated until you’ve used the trans flow payment method to pay all or a portion of your fees. Students won’t be able to access or produce materials if fees aren’t paid, which can keep them from enrolling.


On the OSIS system, continuing students (those who were admitted in prior years) will use their 9-digitITS student numbers. 

To create your student email and access your UEW OSIS PORTAL, please follow the procedures below:

  1. Locate www.uew.edu.gh in any web browser. 
  2. Look for the OSIS Students Portal and tap or click it. 
  3. When two links appear, select Group A if you’re an admitted or enrolled student. 
  4. Click or tap Forgot Password. 
  5. In the student mail session, enter your Student Index Number and add @st.uew.edu.gh (for example, 2021XXXXX@st.uew.edu.gh). 
  6. Next, tap “I’m not a robot” to confirm, and then tap “Reset” to start over. 
  7. A message stating that a link to reset your password has been sent to your inbox will appear.
  8. Launch the Gmail login page. 
  9. Add @st.uew.edu.gh to your Student Index Number (for example, 2021XXXXX@st.uew.edu.gh). 
  10. Use the student number or index number you entered as your default password. 
  11. Open the page for your UEW Student Mail inbox. 
  12. Look for the OSIS RESET Password message in your email and click on it. 
  13. Find “Reset Password” and tap on it. 
  14. Once you’ve changed your password and selected “Reset,” you’ll be taken directly to your OSIS Student Portal. 
  15. You are now finished.

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