UEW Faces Allegations of Financial Improprieties and Ensures Due Process

In recent developments at the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), a petition signed by a group of employees has surfaced on social media, drawing attention to alleged financial improprieties within the institution. The management of UEW has responded to the petition, assuring the university community that due process is being followed to address these concerns.

According to the university’s management, the allegations made by the petitioners have been thoroughly investigated by an independent committee approved by the council. After nearly nine months of extensive work, the committee presented its report, findings, and recommendations to the Governing Council, which subsequently accepted them.

The committee’s report revealed serious financial irregularities involving some current and former employees of UEW. As a result, three disciplinary bodies were constituted in accordance with the university’s statutes. Upon receiving recommendations from one of these bodies, the Vice-Chancellor decided that the affected employees should step aside to allow for an unbiased investigation and disciplinary process.

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The severity of the allegations stems from the fact that approximately GHS 30 million was disbursed as honorarium, with three employees receiving a total of GHS 2,205,000.00 on a single day, December 14, 2018. This amount is equivalent to their basic salaries for a period ranging from 148 to 172 months, or 12 to 14 years. The investigation highlights the impact of these financial improprieties on the university’s current financial position, which has led to a deficit of over GHS 31 million in just 54 months.

The management emphasizes that the disciplinary actions being taken are crucial for the future of the institution, especially as they directly affect its financial stability. UEW, which previously had a surplus of over GHS 154 million in July 2017, has faced challenges in meeting basic expenses, including employee salaries, resulting in the need to rely on pension funds for payments at times.

To ensure transparency, the university community is urged to understand the gravity of the allegations and their implications. The management calls for the cooperation of the union leaders, requesting them to inquire about the payments in question and the services rendered by the employees who received them. Additionally, individuals involved are encouraged to provide their official statements regarding their GCB Winneba accounts during the period under investigation.

The ongoing disciplinary proceedings reflect UEW’s commitment to upholding due process and seeking justice for both the employees involved and the university as a whole. It remains imperative for all parties to adhere to the established procedures and for the community to remain informed about the developments surrounding this matter.

As the investigation unfolds, the university continues to address its financial challenges, including the need to fulfill basic obligations and undertake necessary repairs within its infrastructure. The outcome of the disciplinary process will play a crucial role in shaping the future of UEW and restoring trust within the institution.

UEW Faces Allegations of Financial Improprieties and Ensures Due Process

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