Two military officers arrested in Gambia for alleged link to foiled coup

According to the government spokesperson for the Gambia, two military officials who were allegedly involved in a conspiracy to overthrow President Adama Barrow’s administration were detained over the weekend.

On December 21, the administration said that a number of soldiers had been detained in connection with an attempt to launch a coup in the tiny, Senegal-surrounded country of 2.5 million people in West Africa.

The government’s spokesman, Ebrima Sankareh, released a statement saying that “two more soldiers linked to the alleged thwarted coup plot were arrested over the weekend and are assisting investigations uncover claims of intentions to overthrow the Government.”

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He claimed that while the hunt for further accused conspirators was still going on, a second-lieutenant of the Gambian infantry and a captain from the military intelligence and security unit were both taken into custody on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

Leaders of the West and Central African region have denounced the alleged conspiracy, which has led to the arrest of seven people, including two officers and five troops.

Since 2020, the region has experienced six successful military takeovers and one violent attempted takeover, raising concerns about the reversal of democratic progress in a place that had been thought to be moving away from the label of “coup belt.”

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