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Two male applicants denied for ‘improper’ robing

Two male applicants denied for ‘improper’ robing

Due to the fact that two male applicants were today, November 11, denied their Call for “improper” Robing, their future as aspiring attorneys in Ghana is uncertain.

The two were given the title “Esquire” because their call was withheld and their names were not added to the Roll of Lawyers due to their violation of the robing rules that apply to legal practitioners and would-be attorneys.

This suggests that despite their efforts at the Ghana School of Law (GSL), these two individuals are not attorneys.

The aspiring attorneys don’t seem to have followed the directions provided to them during their orientation session, which was organized by the General Legal Council, GLC, at the call to the Bar event that was conducted at the Accra International Conference Center, AICC.

According to a GhanaWeb source, during orientation, applicants received detailed instructions, including how to properly dress according to the standards of robing before picking up their certificates and taking their oath before having their names added to the Roll of lawyers.

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On the day they were called to the Ghana Bar, the two male applicants were waiting in line with their colleagues to pick up their certificates when it was noticed that they had broken the robing rules, preventing them from completing the calling procedure.

The proper dress, a black suit, was worn by one of the candidates, while the opposing party showed up wearing only his bib and no collar.

The two applicants did not receive their certificates in time to be sworn in as attorneys as necessary due to one of them breaking the Robing regulations.

The statutory body mandated by law to uphold the legal profession’s ethical standards is the General Legal Council.

According to Dennislawnew, a legal news website, the Call to the Bar event is regarded by law as a legitimate General Legal Council meeting, and they set the different formalities of this meeting as covered by Section 7 of the Legal Profession Act, 1960. (Act 32).

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