Emmanuel Jones Mensah

Trouble for Kojo Jones

A confidential source within the Keta constituency’s branch of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has informed that the Functional Executive Committee (FEC) of the NDC has confirmed that the name of a potential candidate for the Keta parliamentary seat, Emmanuel Jones Mensah, is not listed in the official database of the party.

The source revealed that during a meeting on April 18th, 2023, the FEC postponed a decision on Mensah’s eligibility after reviewing a report from a special committee that was established to address appeals arising from the party’s vetting committees.

The FEC concluded that Mensah’s name was not included in the party’s official Ashaiman database as of 2018, and as a result, the party has temporarily suspended a decision on Mensah’s eligibility.

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Read the full statement from the source below:


The Functional Executive Committee at its meeting today, Tuesday 18th April, 2023 deferred its decision on the eligibility of Mr. Emmanuel Jones Mensah, an aspirant in the Keta Constituency Parliamentary primaries of the party.

This was after FEC considered the report of a special committee that has been set up to determine certain special appeals emanating from the decisions of vetting committees of the party.

During deliberations on the findings of the special committee by FEC, it became apparent that Mr. Emmanuel Jones Mensah’s name is not in the official Ashaiman database of the party as at 2018.

At the said meeting, some members of FEC presented strong evidence that suggests that the aspirant’s name must have been fraudulently inserted in the VALCO BASE FLAT 1A branch register.

It is instructive to note that the same aspirant is alleged to have been found to have engaged in similar fraudulent registration at the DZELUKOPE RC branch of the NDC in the Keta Constituency sometime in August 2022.

In a shocking twist, the aspirant who is alleged to have used the said fraudulent registration to vote in last year’s (2022) branch elections at the DZELUKOPE RC branch in the Keta Constituency of the party and further used it to propose a candidate who was vying for the position of Executive Member now claims that he was not privy to the fraud that was perpetrated for his benefit.

Barely a month after the annulment of the said fraudulent registration in the Keta Constituency per a ruling of the then General Secretary of the party, Hon. Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, the aspirant Mr. Jones Mensah is alleged to have contrived a new claim that he has been a member of the VALCO BASE FLAT 1A branch in the Ashaiman constituency since 2018.

However, records from the official database of the party shows that the said alleged membership of the Ashaiman constituency is equally fraudulent as same is not contained in the official database of the party.

Sources at FEC say that, a detailed analysis of the VALCO BASE FLAT 1A branch register shows that the aspirant’s name and details has been inserted at the exact position of one Anthony Hammond, who has been fraudulently removed from the branch register even though he is in the membership database of the party.

FEC is expected to take a final decision on the eligibility or otherwise of the embattled parliamentary aspirant upon receipt of a report from the party official who is responsible for the maintenance of the database of the party.

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