The Origin of the Brand Josè Kutuza

The Origin of the Brand Josè Kutuza

Jose Kutuza was born in November 2002 in Vilankulos, in the province of Inhambane, into a humble family of fishermen and players. The idea of creating the JK brand began in 2015 in a small Mozambican town in the province of Inhambane. At just 14 years old, he decided to create his own brand with the aim of bringing inspiration and innovation to all sports lovers.

JK Collection

 At the same time, a declaration to expand human potential JK’s main objective is to create something that is different from the products that other brands offer. THE VALUES THAT DRIVE JK: is to innovate more and more product qualities; this has been one of the main factors that help the brand grow.

Josè Kutuza
JK Collection

 What are some of the challenges facing the JK brand?

 It’s about delighting customers day in and day out so that we are always the best choice. Without a doubt, we have a very strong brand of innovative products and a service experience that we want to improve even further.


What’s the mission of JK?

 Making young people achieve their goals through their will power

Since its beginning in 2015, JK’s philosophy has been “focus and determination, and above all, contemporary. JK is currently inventing a totally innovative approach to fashion.

 What is the unique definition of JK?

 What most identifies JK as being unique is its way of working with high qualities, marketing and design intelligence, and innovation.

 With its logo being one of the most recognised by almost everyone, the two letters that come on different products of the brand have the meaning of “josé kutuza,” and the three letters that come from the bottom mean “self defence,” thus being a bit of an unexpected design in the modern style (something totally new in haute couture). JK offers a variety of products, including caps, t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, and much more. As a result, JK is increasingly attracting extremely refined customers.

iCONS Interview with Brand Designer of JK

What message will you leave us?

 JK transmits the idea that “you are the author of your goals”.


What is JK’s future inspiration?

 JK’s desire is to work with major brands around the world and have the opportunity to participate in major fashion week events around the world. There are many projects shelved due to a lack of financial support and collaborations with certain companies. Soon, JK will join major fashion brands in search of more sustainable alternatives in fashion.

Writer: Josè Kutuza (Brand Designer of JK)

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