Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

TESCON is the most vibrant political organization on the face of UEW – Mr. Bansi TESCON-UEW communications director

TESCON is the most vibrant political organization on the face of UEW – Mr. Bansi TESCON-UEW communications director

The communications director together with other executives embarked on a tour to welcome freshers and continuing students back to campus at their various halls and also used that opportunity to introduce and invite them to join TESCON and the great elephant family.

He made them understand that no one decides to join TESCON and regret that decision, speaking to them he made it clear that, TESCON UEW is the most vibrant political organization on the face of UEW.
According to the communications director, TEIN a wing of the NDC on campus for a couple of years now has seized to exist simply because it’s not well structured to offer alternatives to its members and for that reason it’s dead and buried.

TESCON for the past decades has been on the heart of every member because TESCON is a great fraternity and never disappoints. Our primary goal is to make sure the welfare of every member is taken good care of. We are not interested in mobilizing members to sacrifice their general aspirations for our personal aggrandizement.

The communications Director added that, TESCON in every Tertiary Institution is the only surviving political organization that offers scholarship to its members as means of support. This support can be used to solve problems like school fees, accommodation, Books and food stuffs as well.
TESCON always provides a help desk for members to acquire statutory documents at their doorstep. Cards like NHIS, GHANA CARD,PASSPORT,BIRTHCET AND NATIONAL MEMBERSHIP CARD FOR THE PARTY. Something TEIN has never done before.

He concluded by inviting all and sundry to come and join TESCON so we can break the 8 cycle with a collective responsibility.


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