Teacher trainee graduate allegedly stoned to death

A 28-year-old graduate of a teacher training program was allegedly stoned to death in Enchi by an alleged mentally disturbed individual by the name of Ali.

According to information obtained by Rainbowradioonline.com, Ali, a security guard, mistaken the teacher-trainer graduate for a thief.

Ali was employed by PC, a company that purchased cocoa.

Duncan, who passed away, attended a morale session with a few pals in the evening.

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He later misplaced the motorbike keys and went back to the scene to look for them.

He was stoned by the culprit, who is still at large, as he looked for the key.

After being brought to the Enchi Government Hospital, he lost consciousness and was later declared dead.

Ali has allegedly been unpredictable and unstable, according to the locals.

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