Teacher Kwadwo

Teacher Kwadwo ready to trim dreadlocks and return to classroom, but refuses to apologise to GES

Renowned educator and comedian, Teacher Kwadwo, has once again captured attention with his controversial teaching career.

He recently stated that he is willing to cut his distinctive short dreadlocks and return to the classroom once his issues with the Ghana Education Service (GES) are resolved.

However, he remains resolute in his decision not to apologize to the GES.

In a recent interview on Angel FM, Teacher Kwadwo asserted that he could trim his dreadlocks and move on without any major concerns about it.

When it comes to apologizing to the GES, he firmly stated that he would never do so as he believes he did nothing wrong.

He believes that only the guilty should apologize, and since he considers himself innocent, an apology is unnecessary.

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Teacher Kwadwo’s teaching career faced significant challenges in 2021 when he was terminated by the GES.

He was accused of insubordination and neglecting his professional responsibilities, including refusing to prepare lesson plans and not following directives from superiors.

However, he strongly refuted these accusations, claiming that he was targeted for criticizing the GES and advocating for positive change in the education system.

He even launched the #FixGES campaign to bring attention to the issues within the sector.

Throughout his career, Teacher Kwadwo demonstrated a deep commitment to providing quality education to his students.

He invested personally in improving his school, implementing various resources and initiatives to enhance the learning experience and create a conducive environment for academic growth.

Despite his dismissal, Teacher Kwadwo expressed his determination to seek justice and take legal action, as he believed he had obtained permission for any missed class periods.

This reflects his unwavering resolve to fight for what he believes is right and to stand up against what he perceives as an unjust termination.

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