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Sulley Muntari finally apologizes 2014 World Cup slapping incident

Sulley Muntari finally apologizes 2014 World Cup slapping incident

Sulley Ali Muntari, a superstar in Ghanaian football, has sent a heartfelt apology to Moses Armah Parker, the owner of Medeama Sporting Club, for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil slapping incident.

Muntari claims that he felt regretful right away following the event in the Black Stars hotel in Brazil and has been waiting for a chance to apologize to the former Black Stars Management Committee member.

The former AC Milan midfielder clarified that he had no personal animosity toward Mospaka but was compelled to act as a result of holding a lot of issues inside.

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Muntari apologized to the businessman’s family specifically because he thought his actions would have upset them.

Although I was unable to speak with him, I don’t believe we had any issues throughout the World Cup. I finally came out due to a large number of factors. I don’t talk much, but when I do work, I work really hard.

“Unfortunately, he was seated in front of me and things went extremely terrible. I don’t disrespect elders so it will take a lot of things for me to react. It happened right away, and I immediately felt terrible. I wasn’t only thinking about him; I was also thinking about his wife, family, daughter, and everyone else.

I’ll take this chance to express my regrets to him. I embarrassed him and made him the target of mockery. That was not anything that was planned to be done. I’ll always find a way to express my regret to him when I meet him. He is an elder, and I have spent a lot of time hunting for him. I have no animosity for him. He claimed that the situation, not him, was to blame.

Sulley Muntari also discussed what caused the outburst and commotion during the World Cup in Brazil.

Muntari, who would not want to place blame on anyone, made a veiled allusion to the players’ frustration at the FA and government’s inability to keep their commitments to them.

He claimed that the players would have been happy if the authorities had been open and truthful with them as opposed to hiding information from them.

“It’s as if you keep stabbing someone without letting them bleed. This is what we do for a living, having made many sacrifices. Although I don’t think you should be denied payment, please inform us that you will receive it over the course of the following two days rather than today. You provide it to me in the next two days, but if I show up and you say in the following three days because people are fallible, “According to him, Dan Kwaku Yeboh TV.

Following that, the Black Stars gave Muntari an indefinite suspension. Since that incident, he has not participated in team games.


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