UPDATE: UEW Students OSIS Portal

UPDATE: UEW Students OSIS Portal Challenges and Solutions

In a recent meeting held by the Interim Management Committee (IMC) of the Students Representative Council (SRC) of University of Education, Winneba, important issues regarding the OSIS portal were discussed and steps were taken to resolve the challenges faced by students.

With the Head of the Students Record Office (SRO) and the Finance Office in attendance, the meeting aimed to provide clarity and assistance to students grappling with portal-related problems.

The IMC is dedicated to fulfilling its original mandate of ensuring the betterment of students’ academic and social well-being.

During the meeting, it was established that the difficulties experienced by students were a direct result of the migration from the previous ITS portal to the new OSIS portal.

The management acknowledged the various challenges faced by students, including the inability to activate their Student Mails to access the OSIS Portal, difficulties in accessing results, failed course registration for the previous semester, discrepancies in fee payment visibility, inconsistent biodata information displayed after login, inaccurate levels appearing on the portal, incorrect billing for the current academic year, and more.

To address these concerns, the SRO reassured students that all issues would be taken seriously and resolved promptly. Students who had already lodged official complaints at the SRO’s help center were assured that their problems would be given priority attention and resolved accordingly.

The SRO also informed students about the ongoing process of capturing students’ pictures for ID cards. This information was particularly relevant for students experiencing difficulties with registration and results on the OSIS portal.

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To seek redress, students were advised to approach their departmental administrators and Examination Officers respectively, who would provide the necessary assistance.

With the aim of ensuring a successful second semester, the SRO temporarily shifted its focus to course registration on the portal.

Acknowledging that some students were unable to register courses for the first semester due to portal issues, the SRO urged those affected to visit their departmental administrators for support.

In cases where students were unable to access the portal, departmental administrators were authorized to manually register the courses, provided the student had paid 50% or more of the school fees.

It was emphasized that students who failed to register for their first-semester courses or chose not to do so would be unable to access or view their uploaded results on the OSIS portal.

Students were advised to report all portal-related issues to their respective departmental administrators for immediate resolution.

Administrators were equipped to handle a wide range of challenges, but if an issue exceeded their capabilities, it would be compiled and forwarded to the SRO for prompt attention.

Additionally, students were encouraged to officially report any instances where departmental administrators refused to provide the necessary assistance to the Secretariat of the SRC.

Looking ahead, students were informed that a separate window would be opened for course registration for the second semester.

The IMC stressed the importance of prompt registration when the specified date was announced. Failure to adhere to the registration directive would result in automatic deferral.

Regarding fee payment, students encountering any issues were advised to visit the Treasury Office with receipts of their paid fees for swift rectification. Full payment of fees was deemed non-negotiable for second-semester course registration.

Finally, students were reminded to exercise discretion and maintain decorum when discussing the institution, especially on social media platforms. Responsible and respectful communication was encouraged to uphold the institution’s reputation and foster a positive environment.

The IMC of the SRC assured students that it remained dedicated to addressing their concerns and ensuring their overall welfare. As the new semester commenced, students were warmly welcomed back to campus, with hopes for a productive and successful academic journey ahead.




UPDATE: UEW Students OSIS Portal Challenges and Solutions

UPDATE: UEW Students OSIS Portal Challenges and Solutions

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  1. The SRO and the administrator’s are doing well to help students who are facing challenges. There is no results in my Osis portal , so please , helps us to overcome the challenges . God bless you. 202120953.

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