“Stop focusing on Shugatiti and pay attention to people who are putting Ghana on the map.” – Van Calebs urges media

Van Calebs, a Ghanaian traditional dance instructor, has criticized the media for using its influence to support what he believes to be Shugatiti’s immoral lifestyle on social media.

Van Calebs is indignant that the promiscuous lifestyle of Shugatiti, who is the topic of a “sex match” with US adult film actor King Nasir, is being promoted by mainstream media.
He worries that by doing so, the media is defending Shugatiti’s behavior and subtly pushing others to follow in her footsteps in an effort to get notoriety.

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He wants the media to stop publishing because, in his opinion, actions like this undermine morality and qualities in society.
He suggested that the media pay more attention to Hamamat Montia, who uses her notoriety and modeling profession to promote locally produced goods and culture in Ghana.
He pointed out that because Hamamat wants to promote Ghana, it needs to receive the proper consideration.

“I don’t understand why media houses and bloggers will be paying attention to this ashawo behaviour by Shugatiti. There are people in this country doing so well to put the country out there and we are focusing on someone who sells s€x. We can do better,”.

His outburst follows the exchange between King Nasir and Shugatiti which has the American porn star challenging the Ghanaian social media personality to a ‘s€x match’.

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