Social media businesswoman arrested for allegedly ‘scamming’ customers up to GH¢45K

Barbara Hayford, a prominent social media businesswoman, has found herself in legal trouble after being arrested and detained at the Lakeside Police Station.

She stands accused of running a scam operation that targeted unsuspecting customers.

Reports indicate that Barbara employed a deceptive strategy by advertising highly desirable items at unbelievably low prices, which naturally attracted a significant number of potential buyers.

Once customers expressed interest in purchasing these items, Barbara assured them that the products would be sourced from overseas and delivered to their doorsteps within a few months.

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This promise of international shipping created a sense of exclusivity and anticipation among the customers.

However, as time passed, many of the customers began to grow increasingly frustrated and suspicious due to the prolonged delay in receiving their purchases.

Numerous victims have come forward, recounting their experiences and expressing their dissatisfaction with Barbara’s business practices.

Some customers have alleged that they have been waiting for their items since as far back as November of the previous year, despite making substantial payments totaling over GH¢10,000.

The victims claim that Barbara not only failed to deliver the promised goods within the specified time frame but also displayed a lack of communication and transparency throughout the process.

According to Sika Official, a social media user who first broke the news on Twitter on June 8, 2023, Barbara’s customers have shared similar grievances.

They assert that she rarely provided updates on the status of their orders and was unresponsive to their inquiries. Moreover, Barbara exhibited a troubling pattern of refusing to issue refunds for undelivered items.

Some victims even accused her of engaging in fraudulent activities by purchasing items from Kantamanto, a popular second-hand market, and attempting to pass them off as brand-new merchandise to her customers.

As the investigation into Barbara’s alleged scam operation unfolded, an additional shocking detail emerged: the potential involvement of her boyfriend as an accomplice.

It is believed that he played a role in carrying out fraudulent activities under Barbara’s name. This revelation added another layer of complexity to the case, suggesting a more elaborate and coordinated scheme.

Furthermore, it has been reported that Barbara, together with a lawyer named Emmanuel, resorted to intimidation tactics when confronted about her actions.

They allegedly threatened individuals who called out Barbara’s fraudulent practices with lawsuits for defamation, aiming to silence any potential whistleblowers or critics.

The arrest of Barbara Hayford and the mounting evidence against her have sparked outrage among the victims, prompting them to gather at the Lakeside Police Station to demand justice.

They seek not only the return of their money but also accountability for the psychological distress and financial loss they have endured as a result of Barbara’s alleged scam.

As the legal proceedings unfold, it remains to be seen how the case will develop and whether additional charges will be brought against Barbara, her boyfriend, and any other potential accomplices.

The hope is that this situation will serve as a cautionary tale and reinforce the importance of due diligence and skepticism when engaging in online transactions, especially with unfamiliar businesses or individuals on social media platforms.

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