Wed. Dec 6th, 2023
Snake bites student of Have Senior Tech Institute while going to prep

Snake bites student of Have Senior Tech Institute while going to prep

Snake bites student of Have Senior Tech Institute while going to prep

Afadjato South District of the Volta Region student in his last year of auto mechanics at Have Senior Technical School is fighting for his life after being bitten by a snake in the dark while going to prep.

Constance, the student, was bitten on March 11, 2023, and was sent right away for medical attention at the Kpando Government Hospital.

Only four street lights are present on the school’s property, making the majority of the areas exceedingly dark and dangerous, as was discovered on a visit.

In an interview, some pupils admitted that this is the third occasion that a snake has bitten a student while they were leaving for class in the evening.

In order to improve lighting on campus and make the area safer, the students have pleaded with the District Chief Executive of the Afadjato South District to help them out by providing them with more street lights.

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According to sources, because the school doesn’t have restrooms, the students relieve themselves in the nearby bush.

Almost all first-year students sleep in hallways, classrooms, and dining halls due to inadequate space in the dorms, in addition to the lighting issue.

Some students who were spotted in the night sleeping on their chop boxes and trunks claimed they had no choice but to sleep outside due to the overcrowding in their dorms.

They assert that a lack of food on campus has forced boarders to smuggle food into the community at night.

Due to a lack of an assembly hall, the students utilize the classrooms as their dining hall and organize other social activities there, creating a challenge for the school’s infrastructure.

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