Shatana Is The Queen Of Conscious Music – Air Commander Opines

Shatana Is The Queen Of Conscious Music – Air Commander Opines

The queen of conscious music in Ghana has been dubbed as the gifted singer Ranaya Pappoe, also known as Shatana in the entertainment industry. One of Ghana’s most recognizable and adored celebrities, Shatana, advocates peace, solidarity, and women’s empowerment in her song.

The Queen of Conscious music in Ghana, in the opinion of broadcast journalist Stephen Gidimajor, affectionately known as Air Commander, is Shatana.

Speaking on his drive-time show on Ghana Broadcasting Corporation’s Twin City Radio in Takoradi, Air Commander argued that Shatana is deserving of the title “queen of conscious music in Ghana” since her music is distinctive and carries knowledge mixed with real melody.

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Shatana’s music goes beyond only being enjoyable and is quickly evolving into a tool for many Ghanaian civilizations to face harsh truths of life and conquer various difficulties encountered in the nation.

Shatana’s music has consistently reflected her upbeat and optimistic outlook on life.

Shatana has a background in music, but she has also used her platform to speak up for women’s rights and bring about much-needed reform.

As a result of her work, Shatana is gradually becoming a household name in Ghana and an icon of conscious music. Her music is a beacon of light, illuminating mindsets and inspiring the youth to take up beneficial tasks and overcome the challenges they are facing in life.


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