Shatana Displays Culture And Artistry In New “Lipo Lipo” Video

The much-awaited music video for Shatana’s song “Lipo Lipo,” the king of conscious music in Ghana, has now been made public.

“Lipo Lipo” is a slang word for “Liposuction,” a cosmetic surgery procedure that uses suction to remove extra fat from beneath the skin.

Most of the extra fat is injected into the butts to enlarge them.

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Even celebrities have been caught up in this activity, which has become commonplace.

In turn, this is motivating young people to participate in the crime. As a musician and social activist, Shatana published “Lipo Lipo” to combat the habit that is quickly being accepted in society.

She explained the procedure’s effects and touched on the pride and self-assurance that come with being natural.

The song received a ton of radio playing because of how didactic it was. This prompted the creation of a video by Shatana’s crew, which they did. The song video exalts culture and purity, and it firmly promotes the virtue of remaining authentic and default.

Also, art was a tool that was colorfully displayed to reverence the artiste’s stand or belief on the subject matter.

Without whetting your appetite further,  I present to you, the visuals of “Lipo Lipo” by Shatana.

Watch, enjoy and share the video and song below.

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