Scam Alert: Airopay Is A Scam In Ghana

Why are Ghanaians continuously allowing themselves to be conned by con artists?

As I type this, Amos Boakye may be seen on television promoting an Airopay, which claims to collaborate with Chase Bank with the goal of assisting the destitute and underprivileged Ghanaians.

I want Ghanaians to know right away that Airopay is a total scam, contrary to what the advertising claims.

He asserts that there are certain Americans who have passed away who left substantial sums of money in their bank accounts, but no one is claiming ownership of those funds.

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As a result, Airopay has opted to spend that money to aid interested needy and underprivileged Ghanaians in cooperation with select Americans and the Chase Bank.

Call Airopay right away at 0530609854 to register your phone and mobile (momo) account numbers. This is a request to all interested Ghanaians.

To receive a double share of their aid, a person can only register the same account once.

For them to register your Momo account so you may buy a coupon, you must provide them with the information from your Ghana card. If you purchase a Ghc50.00 voucher, your momo account will be promptly credited with Ghc1,500.00.

You will get Ghc3,000 if you purchase a Ghc100.00 voucher. If you spend GHC 200, you will receive GHC 6,000, and if you spend GHC 300, you will receive GHC 10,000.

Some callers claimed they were actually credited with the amounts promised by Airopay after calling in to register and then calling back two minutes later.

Ghanaians, the way Amos began the introduction, the availability of the money to be distributed, the source of the money, and the procedure for having the promised money deposited to one’s account are all red flags of scamming activities.

They conspire with those who call in to claim that the money has been credited to their account as promised in order to deceive helpless but innocent Ghanaians.

As no Americans have passed away leaving vast quantities of money in their accounts where their family cannot be found, Airopay has agreed to work with Chase Bank and several NGOS to distribute the funds to Ghanaians in need who are interested.

The president of Ghana should not be held accountable for anyone who falls for this con, nor should they demand a return of any money they may have lost to Airopay from the president and his administration.

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