Salaries of university lecturers in Ghana

The salary of university lecturers in Ghana in 2023 and provides an overview of the lecturer ranks and responsibilities in the country.

A lecturer is an individual who teaches at a university and holds an academic position below assistant professor.

In Ghana, lecturers are categorized into various ranks, ranging from junior lecturers to Emeritus Professors.

The responsibilities of lecturers in Ghana include delivering lectures to students, applying their knowledge to society, and conducting research. However, some lecturers may have additional responsibilities.

The salary structure of lecturers in Ghana varies depending on several factors, including the lecturer’s level of education and the institution they are affiliated with.

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While there is no fixed salary for lecturers, unofficial sources suggest that the average monthly basic salary for a Ghanaian lecturer is around GHC4,500.

The salaries can also differ based on additional positions held by the lecturers, such as Head of Department or Dean.

The salary of a senior lecturer in Ghana can range from GHS 54,000 to GHS 60,000 per year, while professors receive the highest pay, earning as much as GHS 96,000 or more annually.

Lecturers in Ghana also receive allowances, such as the Book and Research Allowance.

The specific amounts of these allowances depend on the lecturer’s seniority and the type of institution they are affiliated with, such as universities or polytechnics.

While it may be challenging to determine the exact monthly salary of lecturers due to various factors, the provided salary ranges give an indication of what lecturers in Ghana typically earn.

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