Roman Ridge School’s over Ghc 20,000 admission fees causes stir online

With its outrageous admission and tuition prices, the Roman Ridge School in Accra’s North Ridge neighborhood has infuriated several social media users.

The objective of the school is to “produce a top breed of citizens capable of reacting to the complexity of our millennium through the influence they will have in their local communities,” according to the school’s official web pages.

This explains why they demand such astronomical prices for a variety of other items in addition to the entry and tuition fees.

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A woman who went to the school to apply for his child couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the excessive fees the school charges its students, so he took to the internet to express his feelings.

She tweeted a picture showing that Roman Ridge only charges 20,000 cedis for entry.

And in terms of tuition, kids in preschool through primary six pay GHC 10,580, those in junior high school pay GHC 12,563 and, last but not least, those in the sixth form pay GHC 13,225.

In addition to these, parents are also responsible for the cost of lunch and uniforms.

Check out the photos below to know more…


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