Ramadan Confab Announces Fasting Dates

Ramadan Confab Announces Fasting Dates

According to the 29th National Ramadan Conference, the first day of moon sighting for the Ramadan fasting in 2023 will be Wednesday, March 22, which falls on the 29th day of the Islamic lunar month of Sha’aban. The first day of Ramadan will be Thursday, March 23, if it is sighted on that day. Unless sighted, March 23, 2023, will be the 30th day of Sha’ban, making Friday, March 24, the first day of Ramadan in 2023.

These were stated in a statement that was released during a day-long conference held in Cape Coast, in the Central Region.

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The National Chief Imam or his representative should declare the start of the Ramadan fasting on national television or any other medium after consulting with other stakeholders, the conference’s participants from diverse Islamic groups agreed.

The communiqué also said that each day’s cutoff time for moon sightings should be 10 p.m.

As is customary each year, national problems were discussed at the conference.

They urged the Interior Ministry and Minister of Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs to intervene in the Bawku dispute rather than stay out of it in order to restore calm to the unrest-ridden town.

They also urged the National Commission on Small Arms to step up its campaign to raise awareness of the risks posed by the spread of small arms.

They praised the Ghanaian Zakat and Saddaqat Trust Fund’s efforts and urged all Muslims to contribute to them.

Parents and guardians were urged by the conference to place a high priority on the Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) offered in the nation. They advised parents to consider the necessity of enrolling their kids in technical and vocational training institutions as their top choices for educational opportunities.

On admission into colleges of education, the conference called on government to review the quota system in the public colleges of education which limits admission to only three hundred students. “This new quota system will dampen the spirit of prospective teachers and qualified students who wish to pursue the course of study in such colleges at a time when the country is in pressing need of their services,” they stated.

At a time when the nation urgently needs their services, they said that the new quota system will discourage qualified students and potential teachers from enrolling in such colleges.

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