Producer Roro says Lumba’s song was not targeted at him or Ampong

Roro, a well-known and lauded sound engineer who also produces records in Ghana, has publicly stated that he doesn’t think Ofoo Na Odi Nsm Foo was directed at him or Great Ampong. This information stands in stark contrast to what Great Ampong earlier said regarding his view of the newest song by Lumba on Happy FM with radio host Nyansa Boakwa.

Ampong claims that several years ago, he was informed by a source in Lumba’s camp that Daddy was working on a song intended to make fun of Roro and him, and that he had been anxiously awaiting its release.

Speaking to Tony Best, the host of Akoma FM’s Entertainment 360, he claimed that either Great Ampong or himself are the actual targets of the song.

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“I can’t claim the song is directed at us because one or two lyrics made it seem like it wasn’t talking about us at all. “Daddy claimed in a song that he doesn’t play with pigs, ne mpreko nnworo, yet we have played with him a lot, and Daddy Lumba is not a swine himself.

And when you look at Ampong and I, we certainly don’t fit that description at all,” Roro remarked. The renowned record producer responded in the yes when asked if Great Ampong’s Nyame Akatua song falls under the category of gospel music.

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