Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

Police officers begging and kneeling to ‘galamsey’ boys causes stir

Police officers begging and kneeling to ‘galamsey’ boys causes stir

An online video depicts several Ghana Police Service personnel bowing and begging for illegal miners, or galamsey boys, in a desperate position.

The video’s narrative describes the familiarity between the local police officers and the youths, who worked as illegal gold miners.

These teenagers, who appeared to have a lot of authority and influence, stopped the police officers after they attempted to make an arrest.

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One of the powerless police officers eventually began appealing to their conscience by using their friendship as a leverage for them to make a deal.

One of the police officers’ uniforms was taken, and in order to prevent additional punishment, he was forced to kneel in front of them while pleading bitterly.

In response to the video, many people expressed their annoyance at seeing a police officer bowing and showing the utmost respect to those they were meant to be arresting for their criminal conduct.

A police minivan that was trapped in the mud was at the location, which is supposedly in the Western Region. On social media, the video has stirred some controversy.

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