Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

Police Arrest Two Ladies For Using Bank Note As Cake

Police Arrest Two Ladies For Using Bank Note As Cake

Following their use of bank notes as decorations for a cake they had prepared and shared on social media, Malawi police have arrested two ladies in their mid-20s.

A police official said the couple had marketed their cake-making business on social media by posting an image of the cake covered in 70 500-kwacha notes, each worth $35 (£28).

The suspects have not responded to their detention, but according to the police, they will be charged with “damaging and illicit use of cash.”

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In the past, Malawi’s central bank has claimed that manufacturing new banknotes to replace worn-out ones costs a fortune, and it has cited inappropriate use of banknotes as one of the causes for why the notes need to be replaced so frequently.

The offence of “damaging and unlawful use of currency” carries a large maximum fine.

Akutitu Police in Blantyre are keeping in custody two cake bakers atapanga decorate cake ndima k500 bank notes okwana sate fafu sazande (mwk35,000).

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