Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

Police arrest over 250 Okada riders for traffic offences

Police arrest over 250 Okada riders for traffic offences

Almost 250 motorcycle riders have been detained by the police in Accra as part of the Police Action Against Rider Indiscipline (PAARI) program for running red lights.

As a result of the nation’s high rate of traffic accidents, OPERATION PAARI, a road safety initiative to combat road indiscipline among motorcycle riders in Ghana, was introduced in April of last year.

According to the police, the method involved educating and sensitizing motorcycle drivers who had been stopped for breaking traffic laws and other offenses throughout the time period. They were then advised to follow the law.

“Since the launch of the initiative, it has been observed that a good number of riders are now adhering to traffic regulations, especially in the areas of not jumping the red light, avoiding riding on pedestrian walkways, and facing oncoming traffic,” the police said in a statement on Friday, March 3.

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Data on road traffic accidents in the nation show that, for the first time in a long time, crashes involving motorbikes have decreased dramatically, which is evidence of the success of Operation PAARI.

The police have increased the operation and started deploying special squads at traffic crossings in Accra in order to maintain the advances obtained in this area.

According to the Ghana Police Service, the police who will also be riding motorcycles would calmly pursue any rider who runs a red light to their destination, confront them about the offense, and then take them into custody.

“This is to instill a sense of impending doom among the riding public and thereby urge some measure of self-discipline.”

Almost 250 motorcycle riders have been detained over the course of the last three days in Accra for running red lights at several traffic crossings.

All of the arrested riders will undergo training in road safety and the risks their behavior poses to other road users before going through the proper legal channels.

“While we commend all law-abiding riders for adhering to road traffic regulations, we would like to caution recalcitrant riders against the blatant disregard for traffic regulations since the law will definitely catch up with them.

“We will continue to count on the support of the public to make this programme a success to ensure sanity and safety prevail on our roads.”

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