Pastor’s wife caught in bed with the gateman

Pastor’s wife caught in bed with the gateman

Drama ensued in Mkushi town after a gateman was seen on Friday night “eating” the fruit of a well-known pastor’s wife on his bed of marriage.

The pastor’s wife, who has been married for 16 years, is rumored to have caught the interest of the gateman, Abdul Kabinga.

Witnesses reported seeing Kabinga jump off the boundary wall separating his workplace from the pastor’s home.

The witness claimed he had no inkling that some odd scenario may play out. Kabinga is a gateman, so I assumed he would help out around the neighborhood.

He claimed that he could see Kabinga and the pastor’s wife leaning against the home’s walls and seemed to be suspiciously close to one another.

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He claimed that he felt compelled to approach the pastor’s home in order to investigate what was transpiring between them.

When I left my home to go to the pastor’s house, the two lovers were already inside, so I was unable to find them. He spoke.

Before they began yelling for assistance from the neighborhood when their attempts to de-touch themselves met the rocks, the two lovers had already begun to mate.

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The witness claimed that as soon as he arrived at the pastor’s house, he heard “Aaaaiii Njafweniko.”

He claimed that their screams drew a crowd of taxi drivers and nearby people, who flocked to the house to see the bizarre episode.

Another witness, a taxi driver, claimed that while transporting the pastor once, he overheard him telling a friend that he had sought the help of a traditional healer after discovering his wife had been unfaithful to him.

According to reports, the pastor had sought the help of the infamous Mpika-based traditional healer Dr. Volodya (260971943970) later in the evening to rebalance his body, mind, and inner self.

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