Pastor jailed 519 years for defrauding over 100 people

John Osei-Kumi and Brenda Adolphine Appiah, a husband and wife, were named as the complainants in the case by Chief Inspector Benson Benneh, who was prosecuting it.

Additionally, the court was informed that the complainants and the accused are all residents of Accra’s Dansoman Community.

He claimed that John and Brenda contributed $7 000 and $6,000 respectively into the offender’s company, Career Link Marketers Company Limited, with the expectation that they would receive 40% interest per month for three months.

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The complainants made the investment in July 2018, but when the deadline for the convict to pay their principal and interest passed in October of that same year, he fell short.

In the meantime, the complainants made repeated unsuccessful attempts to get the inmate to pay their money, leading to the latter’s escape.

According to a police inquiry, the complainants put around GH1,193,136 and US$185,408 into the convict’s business.

The police detained the criminal after making an arrest and conducting an investigation.

C/Insp Benneh also stated that the criminal broke his word.

Even though Career Link Marketers Company Limited was found to be registered with the Registrar General Department by police investigations, the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) had not yet granted it a permit to function.

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