Pastor exposes East-Legon rich men who are into sika duro

In one of his lectures, Ghanaian pastor Dr. Kwadwo Bempah, the founder of Holy Hills Assemblies of God Church, made the outrageous claim that most of the millionaires in East Legon are sika duro kingpins.

Some of these wealthy people, according to Dr. Kwadwo Bempah, even go so far as to consume children’s blood to keep their ill-gotten wealth.

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In his speech, he made the assertion that the majority of these wealthy men who have established clubs and associations are sinners whose filthy wealth shouldn’t be exalted.

Even while he avoided naming anyone, some social media users who saw this video have begun criticizing some of the country’s well-known wealthy men.

While some online users are overjoyed by the man of God’s unconfirmed revelation, others are making fun of him for disparaging these men’s labor and attributing their prosperity to sika duro.

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