Pastor Closes Down Church After Winning 100 Million From Betting

The ecstatic priest gave an explanation for his actions, saying that the lottery was a gift from God and a speedy method to escape his suffering-related poverty.

He further disclosed that he did not open the church through anointing but rather as a means of making money.

“I must acknowledge that I did not have the anointing when I opened this church; rather, I did it out of avarice. He said, “I watched how many pastors generate money by drawing sizable audiences and using phony prophecies to draw even more.

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He claimed that without the calling, running a church became extremely difficult, resulting in restless nights. The pastor made the decision to shut it down and hunt for alternative sources of income since he felt guilty about it.

As time passed, I came to the realization that something was wrong; I began to experience restless nights and strange dreams on a regular basis.

Prior to me opening this church, everything was going according to plan. I did not experience any unusual dreams, even without money. I therefore made the decision to do away with it and search for alternative revenue streams. He spoke.

According to the priest, he tried his luck at gaming and risked a whopping Ush1 million.

“I had to pay for these games, and I was surprised to find out it takes a month or so to get them. They admitted that their system was having problems and that the procedure for securing games takes time. I was about to give up and label them frauds, but then they got in touch with me and, wow! I gave it my all and came up with a 700,” he remarked.

When he saw that gambling brought in far more money than he had ever made running a church or over his entire life, he stopped going to church.

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