Over 6000 Teachers Fail 2023 Licensure Exams

The Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE) faced a significant setback as the results for the 2023 exams were announced by Dr. Christian Addai-Poku, the Registrar of the GTLE.

Out of the 7,728 aspiring teachers who took part in the exams, a staggering 6,481 failed to meet the required standards, leaving only 1,277 candidates, a mere 16.1% of the total, who successfully passed the examination.

Dr. Addai-Poku highlighted the fact that all the candidates who participated had attempted the exam previously, with some individuals making as many as nine attempts to clear the licensure requirements.

The low pass rate was a cause for concern and indicated the need for further improvement in the professional preparedness of prospective teachers in the country.

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In response to the disappointing results, Dr. Addai-Poku assured candidates that they would have the opportunity to retake the examination later in the year.

However, he emphasized that changes would be made to the format and content of the exam, indicating a reform and restructuring of the licensure process.

Candidates who failed to pass the exam in their last chance will be required to meet additional requirements before they can resit the exam.

Those with a diploma will need to upgrade themselves to acquire a first degree, while candidates with a first degree will be eligible to retake the exam without further educational prerequisites.

Dr. Addai-Poku further explained that the examination would undergo significant changes in the upcoming year. Instead of the current comprehensive assessment in numeracy, literacy, and professional skills, candidates would be examined in their specific area of specialization.

For instance, a candidate aspiring to teach geography would be assessed not only on the three general areas but also on their knowledge and competency in geography.

The implementation of the Teachers Licensure Exams in 2019 was a crucial step taken by the Ghanaian government to enhance the professional standards and elevate the status of teachers in the country.

The National Teaching Council, in line with the Education Act 2008 (Act 778), is responsible for improving the professional standing and status of teachers, as well as licensing and registering teachers in Ghana.

While the low pass rate raises concerns about the quality of teacher education and preparedness, it also presents an opportunity for the government and educational institutions to reflect on the effectiveness of teacher training programs and identify areas for improvement.

The focus on specialization in subject areas is a positive step towards ensuring that teachers possess the necessary expertise to deliver quality education in their chosen fields.

As the GTLE undergoes reforms and restructuring, it is expected that future iterations of the examination will provide a more accurate assessment of teachers’ competence and contribute to the overall improvement of the education system in Ghana.

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