Tue. Dec 5th, 2023
Gomoa Buduburam

Over 500 rendered homeless after police eviction at Gomoa Buduburam

Over 500 rendered homeless after police eviction at Gomoa Buduburam

Five nursing moms passed out, and over 500 residents of Suncity, a Gomoa Buduburam suburb, are still stuck there after police forced them out due to a land dispute.

The incident occurred early on March 31, 2023, a Friday.

People bemoan the fact that they received no notice or deadline for leaving the area.

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The plaintiff known as SNBB forcibly removed them from their homes under the watchful eye of a task squad and police.

The impacted individuals’ personal possessions were removed from their rooms, and the doorways were secured with brand-new padlocks given by the plaintiff.

The plaintiff claims to have defeated local property owners in court.

In an interview, some stranded people claimed they had nowhere else to go and would thus sleep wherever they could find space.

Solomon Darko Quarm, the district chief executive for Gomoa East, was furious and charged Central East Regional Police Command with acting improperly.

He claimed that the landowner had used questionable methods to evict the resident and had neglected to provide the District Assembly prior notice of the action.

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