Ernest Nuamah

“Our performance was below expectations” – Ernest Nuamah reacts to Black Meteors’ dreadful AFCON campaign

Nuamah openly expressed his belief that the Ghanaian people and the entire nation deserved much better than what was displayed by the Black Meteors during their time in Morocco. With a sense of accountability, he readily admitted that he could have significantly improved his own performance to contribute more effectively to the team’s overall success.

In a passionate statement, Nuamah emphasized that if the team were ever granted another opportunity to represent Ghana on the international stage, they should strive relentlessly to deliver a far superior performance. He firmly believed that the nation deserved nothing less than their absolute best effort and a display of exceptional skill and determination.

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In a spirit of self-reflection, Nuamah acknowledged that the collective performance of the team as a whole fell well below the expectations set for them. Without seeking any excuses, he acknowledged the need for personal growth and recognized his own potential to have made a more substantial contribution to the team’s performance.

Nuamah reiterated that the responsibility lay not only on himself but also on the entire group to rectify their shortcomings and improve their overall performance. He passionately expressed that Ghana, as a nation, deserved a team that would go above and beyond to deliver an outstanding performance, showcasing their talent, dedication, and national pride.

With an unwavering commitment to do better, Nuamah’s words encapsulated a genuine desire for personal improvement and a shared determination among the team members to seize any future opportunity to make Ghana proud. He firmly believed that the nation’s support and admiration should be met with a level of performance that exceeded all expectations and left no room for doubt or disappointment.

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