Nana Kwaku Duah III

The King of the Ashanti people, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, has removed Nana Kwaku Duah III from his position as the Abuontemhene of the Kumasi Traditional Council.

This decision was made due to allegations that Nana Kwaku Duah III had been involved in the unauthorized sale of lands within his jurisdiction.

The announcement was made during a gathering at the Menhyia Palace on August 21, where the Kumasi Traditional Council assembled to address the issue.

The decision was prompted by accusations brought forth by other subchiefs against Nana Kwaku Duah III.

The subchiefs accused him of disregarding directives from Otumfuo Osei Tutu II and engaging in the sale of lands, including one that was under investigation and subject to a trespassing warning by the King.

These subchiefs presented evidence alleging that Nana Kwaku Duah III had used the King’s name to gain approval for his land-related activities, despite the ongoing investigation.

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Additional accusations included claims that he had encroached upon lands belonging to others and facilitated land sales without proper authorization.

Nana Kwaku Duah III responded to the allegations, admitting his presence on the land but denying that he had used the King’s name to justify his actions. He explained that he had allowed others to work on the land with his permission.

During the proceedings, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II provided an opportunity for the subchiefs to express their opinions on the matter.

The subchiefs unanimously called for Nana Kwaku Duah III’s removal from his position due to his alleged disobedience and misconduct.

In response, Otumfuo declared the decision to destool Nana Kwaku Duah III, emphasizing that his actions had violated his authority and orders.

He emphasized that Nana Kwaku Duah III’s actions were disrespectful and inconsistent with his role as a chief.

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