Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

Osebo’s small shorts and shirt, described as “my notion of fashion,” are the height of “fashion crazy.”

Osebo’s small shorts and shirt, described as “my notion of fashion,” are the height of “fashion crazy.”

Osebo has established a following that is progressively establishing him as Ghana’s fashion icon.

The women receive greater attention when it comes to celebrity style. But we also wish to recognize some of the well-known males who have caught our attention with their fashion choices.

Today, more guys care about their personal style than in the past. They don’t hesitate to adopt and experiment with new trends. In a crowd, the guys who have the guts to dress outlandishly stand out.

Even men can be stylish! Creativity, color harmony, and the ability to put things together are key.

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Osebor, a Ghanaian who goes by the name Richard Brown, first gained attention when he was revealed to be Nana Aba Anamoah‘s father. Osebor, who has a well-liked store in Accra, has appeared in the press a few times since then.

The fashionista has adopted a culture where guys wear dresses and skirts in Ghana and elsewhere while ignoring all of the criticisms. He unquestionably isn’t concerned by all the derision he receives from his detractors.

The well-known Accra boutique owner, who takes delight in being a fashion game-changer and calls it “madness,” is not holding back on his fashion trends.

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The “Zara guy” is always the pioneer of emerging fashions. Although how crazy and edgy Osebo’s sense of style seems, it is surprisingly wearable and will last the test of time.

Osebo is once again active on Instagram. He was seen wearing a long-sleeved top and short, frayed denim.

The fashionista added a handbag, hat, and boots to complete his image without holding back.

Osebo proudly boasted about his sense of style in the caption for his Instagram post: “This is how I define fashion: come up with something original with courage, wear it out in public. It’s Yen tie obaa da.”



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