Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
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‘One Million Cedis’: Sarkodie breaks chorus-maker Ink Boy’s heart

‘One Million Cedis’: Sarkodie breaks chorus-maker Ink Boy’s heart

Ink Boy, a singer-songwriter, has angrily lamented being perpetually ignored by Sarkodie and his handlers.

Rap legend Sarkodie dropped the music video for his 2022 single “One Million Cedis” yesterday, March 13, 2023.

Ink Boy serves as the only vocalist on the popular song while Sarkodie raps. Nevertheless, the latter was absent from the song video, which only included Sarkodie and a model.

Ink Boy expressed his displeasure on Twitter after the YouTube video was posted.

He acknowledged his admiration for Sarkodie and expressed his gratitude for being included in the song. Despite this, he complained about being left out of the song video.

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Professing Sarkodie as a father, he said he had been neglected as a son.

“I get mad Love for King @sarkodie,” he tweeted on Monday night.

“Allah knows this from my heart,” he added. “But why don’t I ever get [a] small chance?”

Showing a broken heart emoji, he appealed to be shown fatherly love: “I appreciate [him] putting me on the record but you’re like a Dad to me; treat me like a son too.”

“I [am an] independent [artiste and] you know how bad[ly] I need this [spotlight],” he revealed the reason behind his request, declaring that: “If not now, then nvr.

Ink Boy proceeded to citing instances where he experienced sidelining at the hands of Sarkodie and his team.

“I begged like I was gonna cry to be at the Rapperholic [2022 concert] but that didn’t work,” he revealed.

Noting that he was not owed any billing for the prestigious end-of-year concert, he insinuated that he at least deserved to be in the music video for ‘One Million Cedis’ but alas, he only heard about the shoot of the video “three days ago. [broken heart emoji]. [I] didn’t even know it’s was gonna drop today [teary eyed and shrug emojis]. [I] just saw people tagging me. [Laugh out loud].”

“Sincerely I kn[o]w this might come off weird and p[eo]ple will tag me ungrateful but I put blood and sweat into every song and I deserve to be shown genuine love,” he stressed. “But it’s sad King @sarkodie [broken heart emoji]. I literally beg for every small chance to show myself but [h]e [always] decline[s].”



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