Ofankor: Police restore order after land guards clashed with wood sellers

Ofankor: Police restore order after land guards clashed with wood sellers

In the Greater Accra Region’s Ofankor area, a recent incident disrupted the peace as tensions flared between suspected land guards and wood sellers.

Reports, while unconfirmed, indicate that at least one person lost their life during the melee, with several others sustaining injuries.

Eyewitnesses recounted hearing gunshots during the confrontations, which also saw the burning of car tires and roadblocks, further escalating the situation.

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The root cause of this clash stemmed from a dispute over land ownership. The landowner of Muus Timber Market, situated at Taifa junction, sought to evict the wood sellers to facilitate property development.

In response, the wood sellers vehemently resisted, resulting in these violent clashes, which even led to the vandalization of a vehicle associated with the land guards, as reported by an eyewitness.

Local law enforcement, on Wednesday, released a statement indicating that their initial investigations pointed toward a land litigation issue as the trigger for the riot.

In response to the turmoil, the police have taken measures to bolster security in the area and have reopened the road to normal traffic flow.

Furthermore, they have pledged to continue their investigations, with the aim of apprehending those responsible for the violence and ensuring they face legal consequences.

This incident underscores the importance of resolving land disputes through legal means to prevent such destructive confrontations in the future.

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